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      Top 10 Best Selling Books

1   The Da Vinci Code (H)   Dan Brown  Doubleday
Murder clues left inside Leonardo art at the Louvre (F)   

2   Angels & Demons (P)   Dan Brown  Pocket Star
Centuries-old organization launches
vendetta against the Catholic Church (F)                        

3   The South Beach Diet (H)   Arthur Agatston  Rodale
Allows dieters to eat food they love (NF)                      

4   The Sexy Years (H)   Suzanne Somers  Crown
Subtitle: “Discover the Hormone Connection” (NF)      

5   The Last Juror (H)   John Grisham  Doubleday
Convicted murderer seeks revenge against his jurors (F)

6   The Purpose-Driven Life (H)   Rick Warren  Zondervan
Subtitle: “What on Earth Am I Here for?” (NF)              

7   The Guardian (P)   Nicholas Sparks  Warner Books
Young widow is ready to love again (F)                          

8   The Five People You Meet in Heaven: A Novel (H)
Mitch Albom  Hyperion   In heaven, life is
explained by five people who were in it (F)

9   3rd Degree (H)   James Patterson and Andrew Gross

Women’s Murder Club member is set to die (F)           

10   Digital Fortress (P)   Dan Brown  St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Mathematician must break a complex code for the National Security Agency (F)