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How It Works

Enter the URL of the website you are promoting and simply 'click' for the amount of Hits you require>>>

Massonic will begin the advertising campaign within 48 hours from the purchase time. Traffic campaigns usually begin within 24 hours as long as the advertised URL complies with our terms of use and the payment has been cleared. All services are conducted on a first come, first served basis.

Advertised URL cannot have pop-ups or any pop-ads, sounds, music, or frame breaking codes. Clients have the ability to pause and resume their campaigns. All visitor campaigns will be completed in 30 days as long as traffic is not paused. If we are unable to deliver all of your visitors within the 30 day time frame you are eligible for a refund. This refund will be issued on a pro-rata basis.

You may split the traffic to more than one site. When you purchase a traffic package just let us know in the comment section which sites you would like to promote and the amount of traffic for each site. We provide 24/7 live stats of your traffic campaign so you can see the progress of your campaign.

3rd party hit counters on your site do not accurately represent the number of visitors to your site or the number of ads we served. This is due to the large amounts of traffic sent to the site in a relatively short timeframe. Most 3rd party counters cannot keep up accurately .

Please read our Terms and Rules and our Disclaimer before purchasing any campaign to ensure your website does not violate any of our criteria.      ....... It's Time To Get Started

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