Relativity and Relationship

Massonic  Meditation

Love is the unknown

You suffer from stress, conflict and confusion

Fear and pleasure rule your life

You are a victim of age old propaganda

To know yourself is the beauty of creation, nature and pure energy of freedom

To listen look and learn is a timeless act

To free the mind is your primary concern

Intelligence is awareness, clarity of perception

The equilibrium of effortlessness is liberation

Compassion, affection and kindness are the abundant wealth of goodness

Generosity is to give all, to give everything, your whole being to a life of understanding compassion and goodness,

All time is now, the past and the future are now

You can only wake up now.

There is only the immensity, love made manifest

Wisdom of ages or wisdom of timelessness?

Search me by all means but primarily search yourself

Why do you have problems. Why do you allow problems to rule your life. What are problems anyway?

Being good, clean and clear in you daily activities is awareness

Creation is pure energy without struggle, conflict, fear or time, it is timelessness

Life without stress is the flowering of goodness

The flower of goodness can only grow in the garden of freedom

We are the product of nature

Liberation is the ending of all propaganda

Intelligence is neither yours nor mine, it is, when ignorance is not

Selflessness and self-abandon is the life of intelligence

Compassion and affection are the love of life

Nature is the manifestation of goodness

Relativity and relationship is life, everything is related

Kindness is its own joy

Have you never known  simple joy, delight  in the immense beauty of life, creation, nature

To be alone is to be 'all one'

Self awareness is the key and doorway to enlightenment

Awareness means to listen look and learn

To listen look and learn is the living actuality and pure action of timelessness in the now

The energy of creation is the wealth of silence

To know yourself is to know the whole of life, you are life, the creation of nature

Understanding stress and suffering brings liberation from all problems and propaganda

Psychology can never bring liberation to the mind.

The effortless nature of energy is to live a life of love - no friction, that is the beauty of intelligence

Man needs to discover the true meaning of wealth, and lead a life of understanding and intelligence

The greatest thing you can do is to re-educate yourself to be free of the past..

You can never know the unknown, as you can never know the now, it is simply impossible, think about it, understand it, then drop it, let it go, end it.

Why have we made life so complex, What is the point. What are we doing, where are we going? 

When you stop what you're doing there is great joy, the heavens rejoice.

Can you start afresh, anew, can you look at your life now, the whole of it, as though you have never seen it before.

Even if  you suffer from stress, anxiety, don't go down the road of 'struggling to get rid of it', fighting yourself and creating even more conflict. Simply look at it anew with a completely fresh approach

It is the new that sweeps away the old. The now is always new. Look again, without doing anything, it has changed

The beauty of life is that it is always new. When you see this clearly - you are free. Not tomorrow nor sometime in the future, but now

The actual act of listening looking and learning is the doorway to freedom - it is freedom - look anew. This is your life

The mind, the brain is a very cunning beast, it can play all sorts of tricks upon itself and this has been going on for time immemorial.

The beautiful mind is a silent mind, one that listens looks and learns

There is only one kind of deception and that is self deception. We love to think we are somebody, something important

From the very beginning we have been feeding this self deceit. The self is the amalgamation of deceit. Always afraid, never admitting it is really nothing

Only a slave or a prisoner craves for freedom and let's face it, that is what all human beings desire

We are always looking up or down, to the past or to the future. Always escaping from the present. Always occupied, doing something, anything except listening  looking and learning in the now, which after all is the only thing that matters

Ah worship, god help us. Worship is an act of vanity, a way of bringing comfort and giving validity to your illusions. You invent and project an image and then you worship that image. Surly that is the ultimate vanity. It is really self worship

When you invent, invest and rely on outside agencies you are merely shirking your responsibilities

We derive comfort from the masses because we feel lost alone

All belief is a form of self deceit. You first delude yourself and then others

You have an image about yourself and also about the world around you but all images are false.

If possible, you must look into that word 'belief'. It means illusion. it means, I don't know - I project an image - I invest in that image. That is all belief is -  but the root truth is, 'I don't know'

Belief, it is simply not real, not the truth, it is an invention of the mind. Just an illusion, the way of self deception

A person that believes in something, in anything, is a slave to that illusion. I am sorry but that is a universal fact and you can not escape from it. So face it. See the truth.

It is the truth that frees you from illusion, not your belief.

Don't believe in anything or anybody, find out and discover for yourself, that which is true and that which is false

You are the eyes and ears of the world

If you do not deceive yourself you will not deceive others

You must look beyond all the tricks and traps of mankind

One must remember that all the rubbish and nonsense one comes across in life has probably been going on for many hundreds of years before you were born. Either you join in and become part of that rubbish or you turn around and walk away from it. It really is as simple as that. Either you see it or you don't. Either you are in it or out

The only instrument you have got to aid your salvation is to listen look and learn

To listen look and learn is the joy of awareness

Be humbled, admit you do not know

If you look and do not run away you will see

Love is the unknown

Colin Cookson
Copyright  2004  All Rights Reserved  Massonic Meditations 

Listen Look and Learn

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