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Colin Cookson
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Massonic Meditations

Love is the unknown

Topics Exposed In The Listen Look Learn Chapters Of
Life, Intelligence & Propaganda

L i s t e n L o o k & L e a r n

Transforming Your Life   Your Main Concern Is Your Life  

Vortex Of Illusion   Life Beyond Words   The Essence Of Mind   Liberation  

That Immensity Is Here, Now   The Insanity Of Humanity

"Reality relativity and relationship advice is intended to clarify the perception of the ever present obstacles facing mankind both through external propaganda and his own psychological conditioning. Mankind is possessed with all manner of ancient illusions that still plague and imprison him today. To live a life, harmonious with intelligence, one has to understand the entire superficiality of propaganda. How propaganda has psychologically enslaved the mind of mankind and brought into being the fragmented world we live in today. Only truth will set man free."



Excerpts from:: ' Equilibrium of Effortlessness, The Secret Science'


Since the dawn of time mankind has lived and suffered within a perpetual sea of sorrow of his own making

His driving ambition and desires are the constant projection of deep rooted fears, anxiety, greed, and deceit

His endless pursuit of pleasure is the key disintegrating factor of his sorrow.

The want and craving of a self-centered human mind in its endeavour to cover up or evade,  loneliness, emptiness and isolation

This remains the state of humanity today.

Humans beings are intrinsically the same the world over, regardless of gender, nationality, space or time,

There is nothing new here, these conditions and pre-conditions have been imbedded within consciousness over many thousands of years.

Circumstance, environment, climate, propaganda, tutors, acquaintances, tradition and rather stupid ancestors have produced and conditioned us all.

We are all trapped and enslaved by our past. We are the product of the past. We are attached and possessed by the past.

This is not wild speculation, a biased opinion or a banal belief.
It is not just another pointless point of view.

It is an absolute irrefutable fact that even a blind man can see.

Human consciousness is a contaminated cacophony of propaganda.

We are the sum total of the past and deeply rooted in the fear of coming to an abrupt or sudden end the human mind desperately clings to that which it knows and identifies itself with, the known, which is memory, our past conditioning.

What is the meaning of your life,  what is your lot?,

Is it merely the continuity of stress, confusion and complex problems? A daily perpetual, monotonous struggle. A pre-programmed reaction in crisis management? 

Or is there something beyond this tremendous, treacherous torment. This mess, that we call, life?

I say that to know yourself, to understand yourself is the catalyst that will transform your life and free the mind beyond conditioning.

To free the mind one must see beyond all the elements that time has created and discover a state of mind in which time does not exist.

We have to discover for ourselves, a psychological state in which there is no time and that can only be done in the now.

Time being the measurement of your conditioning. The past, the present, the (so called) future, the expanse and duration of your conditioning.

So, no time, no conditioning, full stop.

Have you never asked yourself, 'what is truth', where can I find truth, who on earth understands truth and even if they did understand or know truth, how would, 'I know' and what does it matter or mean to me anyway? ....yes,,.... well listen. Only truth will set you free.

To see that the known, the whole of memory is the past, is the clarity of perception in the now.

To perceive truth is to see what actually is now, instantly. The perception of what is now, does not take time.

Obviously you can not take time to transform yourself as time is merely the continuity of your conditioning.

Indeed, there is no positive or negative action to take.

Therefore, without doing anything and through the clarity of perception now, a tremendous change takes place within us.

This is the 'equilibrium of effortlessness' from which comes pure joy and delight.

We can see that time will not change us and that time only leads to more conflict, more confusion, more conditioning, more contradiction and that the demand for the 'more' is the essence of all our struggles and problems.

To see that, is intelligence.

The clarity of that perception in the now, is the transformation of your life, instantly.

There is only the now, that which is, everything else is not.

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There is no path, no guru or external agency, nobody can teach you about yourself except yourself.

Nobody on this earth or anywhere else can teach you the truth, you have to discover it for yourself, you have to do all the work, That is your job, your life.

Never follow or believe anybody regardless of what they say, do or who they think they are. They will only lead you up their peculiar garden path, which is stupid and you will wind up none the wiser.

Can you discover, on your own, not only the main concern of your life but also the significance of existence itself? 

Now, without referring to the myriad of explanations expounded in so many book, by so many, so-called experts, what do you know for yourself? 

What do you know about yourself for yourself, not second hand information but, direct perception of yourself by yourself? Surely this is your main concern. Not what others think, say or do. Let them get on with their own rubbish.

Do you have clarity of perception, an acute awareness of your own daily activities? Do you understand your motives, desires, actions and behavior? Do you see why, how and what you actually think and feel? In other words, are all your senses as one, whole, crystal clear, sharp and alert?

This means that the instrument of observation, awareness, is observing and aware of itself in everything it does. Watching, listening with total attention to every movement of the body, mind and thought.

Every second, every minute, of every day and night, even during sleep.

Now is not the mind, body etc. the very instrument of attention.

Is it not a fact that, there is no self, only attention. No inside or outside, so to speak. No time, no past, no future, only now,...indivisible, ... which is timeless, awareness?

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We are sold and so easily manipulated by words. Any good copywriter (if there is such a thing) will confess that they make a substantial living out of manipulating the hypnotic suggestion embedded within every word.

Our whole life seems to be driven by words. (Take a second look at the opening sentence). Fear, greed, pleasure, ambition, desire  and deceit. 

This is what we are, what we have actually become. That is our reality. 

Words have evolved over many thousands years and the character and meanings are contained within the very language we hear and speak today. 

Let us consider for a moment, words themselves, the sound, the vibration, the sensation, the quality. 

Every word carries it's own weight and density according to our particular and peculiar conditioning.

The depth and meaning of words go to make up the whole psychological content and movement of thought. 

Every thought, every sentence, every word comes from and is born of memory and memory is itself logged in and recorded through word forming thoughts. 

Memory is that indelible impression of previous experiences retained within the brain cells. The movement of words, this constant pursuit of words or thought waves is the vortex of illusion.

It is not real, it does not exist except as some sort of bio-electrical pulse, yet to us it is reality. We base our entire reality therefore upon illusion.

All movement of this vortex is the perpetuation and continuity of illusion. We understand this process as thinking.

The whole movement of thought, thinking, is merely the reaction of the brain, memory, according to the words that have conditioned it. 

There is no such thing as freedom of thought or free thinking.

All thought is tethered and a slave to its conditioning. A pre-programmed reaction.

However you respond to these words written here, will be according to your conditioning, you have no choice in the matter.

You may 'think' you have a choice but if you look a little closer you will see it is a conditioned response.

Only confused people choose and confusion is the core of the whole movement of thinking, thought attempting to unravel itself.

We like to 'think' thought is free flowing, but that is mere vanity and ego, which, by the way, is the pure food and energy that feeds thought itself. The illusion goes on.

It is a self perpetuating mechanism of increasing complexity.

So what do we mean when we say, simple, love, life, beauty, kindness, affection, compassion, generosity or goodness? 

How can we investigate these or discover anything new if the instrument we use to observe is founded in this vortex of illusion, the dead past? There is nothing new in memory and thought

Have you not noticed, you can never think of anything new. It is only when the old past is quite that you discover and see something new.

You can not predetermine or bring about the new.

Can the brain look at all this without any movement, without judging, without doing anything, just be still, silent?

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All words are labels. What lies behind these labels, beyond the word and thought? 

Can we look at anything for itself without thought interfering.

If we are looking for meaning beyond the word we must first understand the very word itself. 

The word 'life' is obviously not life it is only a name, a description, a reference to that thing called life. 

So, if you ask, what is the meaning or significance of life? You must look beyond the word but not away from it. 

Obviously the meaning of life is, to live. Anything else is to digress, an escape, a movement away from the fact. 

What is the significance of love, but to love? What is affection but to be affectionate? What is the reality of goodness, kindness but to be good and to be kind? 

To find the answer to any question, you must look into the question itself. 

In understanding the question, the question is resolved. 

One should also bear in mind that:

If one asks the wrong question, one will get the wrong answer. 

So it is imperative to, 'ask the right question'.

What is the right question? 

What is the root of all questions, regardless? 

Is it not that,' you do not know?' 

If you already knew the answer, you would not ask the question in the first place. 

Questions you ask yourself occur because, intrinsically, you  do not know. 

If you ask a question of yourself, what is love, beauty, kindness, affection, goodness or anything, it is a good indication that you do not know these things. 

You do not know love, you have no kindness, goodness or whatever you will, in your being, or at least not within the vortex of thought, the grand illusion called the 'self' - 'me'.

After all, there really is no such thing as, 'the thinker', there is only the movement of thought.

To see and look beyond the word is to negate the self. The 'thinker' being a mere bundle of words retained within memory.

Remove the word, remove the past, remove the self, remove the question, remove the pursuit, remove time, it is all the same thing.

Look again without the word interfering. Take off all the labels (especially your own name, which is the core of it all) and words that time has invented and perceive the whole, now.

It is words that fragments the brain and our perception. If you stop naming and labeling you will stop the fragmentation of the mind.

The 'me' is the fragmentation because it separates itself from the whole.

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The 'self' - 'me', which is made up of everything you know from birth and more, is merely the residue of the past. It comprises the sum totality of your conditioning.

The many years of propaganda that have been rammed down your throat, the dead past, have all been recorded in the brain through words.

There is nothing new in the mind, whether conscious or unconscious. Memory is always old and has no existence except through the regurgitation of thought itself. 

Human beings worship and praise thought and knowledge, and man measures man by the extent of his knowledge but there is nothing new and alive in this static database of the past, called knowledge.

Knowledge is always of the past, you can only know that which has already been and gone. 

Knowledge, data, information is really a dead thing and has nothing to do with intelligence.

Intelligence on the other hand is the living observation of facts, to see the truth, to see the false, to passively observe that which actually is.

To see that all knowledge is the past, is an actual fact. It is the living truth and therefore intelligence.

All fear, pain, suffering, sorrow, grief, are the tragic products of thought, knowledge, memory. 

It actually is the movement of thought attempting to secure itself, to stabilize and make static the ever changing world we live in.

The friction of false complacency being ripped asunder.

The movement of thought is the sea of sorrow flowing between the banks of fear and pleasure.

Pursuit and avoidance is the actual action of thought.

It can never know love, beauty, kindness and goodness.

Fear and pleasure has nothing to do with these things. 

Thought, knowledge is fragmented by its very nature and can never be or become whole. 

Love, beauty, kindness are wholesome and can only come into being when this vortex of illusion, the fragmented products of thought, the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of fear come to an end in the living present, which is now.

Nothing thought can do, can ever bring this about.

So what can thought do? - nothing.

It can never touch that silent, peaceful, calm, which is most holy. 

Listen, look, and learn. Do nothing, be nothing, here is the indivisible, the immeasurable, the unfathomable unknown. 

When you are not, it is.

To discover the essence of mind one must come upon it in silence.

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When you see that you are the center, the core of knowledge, that you are that knowledge, there is no escape. 

No matter how expansive, how vast, how learned that knowledge is it is still shallow, limited and very superficial. 

Knowledge may be able to produce some marvelous technological wonders that benefit mankind but it is still rather trivial, superficial. 

There are two forms of manifestation within creation, which are:

  1. 'The product of nature'
    That which is natural. Not the endeavor of mankind

  2. 'The product of thought'
    Knowledge, the brain, human endeavor.

That is obvious you may think but consider these statements:

 "All the knowledge of all the scientists in the entire world cannot produce a single blade of grass". 

"Of all the religions, the so called gurus and holy men that have ever existed, nothing is more holy or sacred than 'life' itself".

So it is very important to see and realize the limitation of knowledge per se, not just your knowledge but the entire mechanism of knowledge that goes to make up human consciousness. 

It may come as a bit of a shock to observe the pettiness of your own brain in its trivial pursuit but surly wisdom begins by seeing for yourself just how stupid you are.

The very observation is the going beyond, the transformation, the liberation.

Intelligence is illumination on ignorance. In the light, darkness can not exist.

To see you are a slave to yourself is the beginning of freedom. It is the awakening from the dead past. 

When the 'me', the center, the past, which is unawareness, comes to an end, through awareness, there is the new, the unknown. 

The unknown is now and you are that unknown.

You can not 'know', the now. 

You are nothing and no amount of knowledge can fill that nothingness, that emptiness that has no beginning or end. 

That emptiness is total freedom because all conflict, endeavor and struggle have come to an end. 

The new is always in the living, active, present and you are that or should I say, it is.

Living is an endless ending where life and death are inseparable. After all, liberation is freedom from all that is known, to die to the past, now. When all pain, sorrow and fear end. Seeing it, attention, awareness, is the ending of it. 

Death, ending, is the awakening, is life. One must awaken to death.

Then is there such a thing as death, when death comes to an end?

When there is no gap, no interval between life and death then the ending of the old is the new.

That is the liberation, the joy of life.

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Thought struggles to unravel itself from problems but thought created these problems, it is the problem. 

All effort to overcome itself is a waste of energy 

One cannot find peace or silence by increasing the noise. 

Surly silence, peace is when noise is not. You are the noise. 

How can a confused mind do anything, create anything but confusion, stress and more conflict? 

If you see this - you are this - it stops - it is as simple as that.

You can do nothing about it, except observe, watch it. 

This is the attention that puts an end to inattention.

It must come to an end effortlessly, peacefully. 

The new  beginning is the ending of the old.

In silent observation comes the perception of the whole. Can you not see that, that immensity is here, now.

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What is mans fundamental problem? 

Is it not that his conditioned mind is in opposition to another persons conditioning, ideology? 

So basically we are exactly the same, one ideology verses another ideology. 

That is the insanity of humanity. 

At best we introduce tolerance and we thereby tolerate each other's illusions, each other's insanity.

It is not so much as people fighting each other but the conflict of ideals, ideas and ideology. 

How can man ever resolve his fundamental problems without first facing this basic fact.

Surly this issue concerns every human being.

The battle of static intransigence.

Stick to your guns or stick to the devil you know, so to speak. Never listening, never looking, never learning.

Fundamentally there is no reality or should I say no truth in any ideas, ideals or ideology, whatsoever. They are all figments of the imagination. A corruption and distortion of the good clean, clear mind.

You may have been conditioned by all sorts of nonsense for many, many  years and to you that is reality but in truth, in fact, it is completely false an illusion. That is your life.

We have become second hand human beings. Unable to think and see clearly for ourselves. Always quoting other people or some book or other.

We seem to be incapable of behaving and being responsible for ourselves.

Without going into it, you can see how superficial the whole movement of thought is.

Look at the problems it has created, all sorts of wars, tyrannies, genocide, tribalism, nationalism, all based on ideology, thought, all an illusion.

The madness is, that we worship this catastrophe, when it should be seen for what it is and put away, be done with.

The question is, can we be done with it? 

Can the mind empty itself? 

After all, Freedom Is A State Of Mind.

But that's another story.

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(Excerpts from: '  Equilibrium of Effortlessness, The Secret Science ')
by Colin Cookson

Editorials coming soon:
'The Truth About Real Wealth' (Revealed)
'The Most Amazing Teacher That Ever Lived'

'Equilibrium of Effortlessness, The Secret Science'
'Love Life & Goodness' and 'The Garden of Freedom'

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