Relativity and Relationship

                 Massonic  Meditation

                                             Colin Cookson


Tree Of Knowledge    ( Life And Death )


To climb the tree of knowledge

Is an abominable affair

It's boughs are sorrow and deceit

It's canopy despair


And through the fear of falling

We cling on to it fast

This body of illusion

Embedded in the past


Her roots of self deception

Entwine this fertile ground

It's web of all our yesterdays

Keep us tightly bound


And all the knowledge of mankind

Shall never set him free

For there is no truth nor beauty

In that god forsaken tree


Yet to die upon this instant

To things we think we know

Is to sow the seed of freedom

Where love and goodness grow


Now limitless eternity

No mortal could contain

Indivisible immensity

Make us whole again


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