Relativity and Relationship

                 Massonic  Meditation

                                             Colin Cookson


The Sublime


We have no sovereign or master

We have no above or below

We have no before or after

We have neither friend nor foe


We live for the beauty of living

We die for the wonder of death

We give for the gift of just giving

We take what we need, nothing less


We have no time to remember

We have no cause to forget

We have no will to surrender

We have no pause for regret


We have no burning ambition

We demand no goal to be met

We hold no place or position

We belong to no party or sect


We have no sense of becoming

We have no urge to belong

We have no need of the coming

We are ready, above and beyond


We have listened out of silence

We have seen more than enough

We have nothing to say of violence

We have nothing to give but love


We rejoice in this moment only

We want of nothing in time

We alone shall never be lonely

We dwell in this world the sublime


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