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Hello And Welcome
Massonic Business Foundation
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Presented by
Colin Cookson

Without Premeditation

This site was not intended for promotion within The Public Domain it evolved naturally into what you see today A Virtual Toolbox Online Storehouse & Product Resource Center easy remote access The Simple Life drag and drop articles web tool links central scroll page Web-Based Organizer easy to use Resource Locater find what your looking for Primary Working Platform.

Discovering and Testing a variety of programs Nice Warm COLOUR And Feel Your Business and Your Products The beauty is ... Don't make mistakes Designing  and Promoting Working Platform All And Everything Enter Search Term Here If you're just starting or already got a nice site great ... keep reading there's plenty of stuff you can learn, plus  A myriad of Free Applications and Tools  You Can Download All sorts of Time Saving Devices FREE Quality Search Engine Submitters to Over 100 Better Search Engines Direct links to The Best ..loads of free information saving you thousands $$$$

Beginners Beware: Just Starting A Web-Based Business There is so much stuff you would have to own a bank to purchase it all not to mention the brain numbing learning curves These pages provide insight of not only What To Do but more significantly What Not To Do Basic rule of thumb Keep It Free At least until you have a good foundation firm understanding and overall insight into you're own objectives Not other peoples who will attempt to sell you anything Try Before You Buy Use stuff; try stuff, its all here, free If it's for you, you will know But you will not have wasted  Your Time and Money Pay for the best tools you can find by all means but, make sure they are really what you want and more specifically, what you actually need.. The Best Buy Get the right price for everything... do your research, you can  do it all from here Massonic Business Foundation.... By the Way.

Massonic means BIG=MASS, SOUND=SONIC BIG SOUND to us Not what you may have been thinking The idea of This Domain was to create a center for Streaming Audio Although this project is still under wraps Watch out for dramatic changes Our main concentration at present is on 3D Animation and Business Network as you may have realized if you have visited our linked sites We have been one of the  Top 5 3D Animation Production Companies in the world for the past six years All 5star products So if you're thinking of going down that road do give us a call 44 (0) 207 483 0998   <= <== (Promo) I can't get out of this promo/marketing but so what, itís true, its fantastic..

I digress, back to you and your being here This is a unique opportunity to discover how you can construct and optimize Your Own Web Business All objects within these pages are simple No flash or dynamic graphic images Most importantly - they were all constructed entirely free... I  love colour something we are generally advised to avoid in this business What you find here is supplied free of charge If  this site proves of benefit you can You Can..............

Your Own Web The fundamental principles Keep it simple Keep it free I link to you 
You link to me The Secret Science keywords, page rank search engine optimization
and much, much more...
This web site is designed to Have fun
making money...

Contents: Listen Look Learn

1. The Psychology of Marketing Relativity & Relationship Includes:
The greatest secret ever revealed

Chapter 1 Index:
Transforming your life
The main concern in your life
Vortex of illusion
Life beyond words
The essence of mind
That immensity is here now
The insanity of humanity

How to transform your life Understanding problems Ending fear and stress To know your self  Beauty and creative energy Wisdom of the ages ... & Search yourself

2. The Fundamental Rudiments of:
Web Site Building
Search Engine Marketing

Content Includes:

Web building templates. CSS or Not

How to:
Enter Search Term Here  and discover your keyword suggestions

Web Site Promotion Search Engine Optimization Advice
How To: Increase Traffic... Where to: Download free software and information

How to:  Use our free Search Engine Submission

How to: Access and use our pages Hot Links and King Code 

How to: Create the most effective search engine promotion

Also revealed is the secret science of intelligent information retrieval All the news today for the mega millions The truth about real wealth -------------------

Hot Links and King Code take you to all the information  you need loads of free software
Produce Whatever You Want Free
Don't go anywhere achieve fantastic results Save thousands
$$$$ Subscribe to the Business Website Course thousand of website tools multiple templates and The Crucial Information No Marketing Expert Wants You To Know
In One Simple Step
gain An Unfair Advantage Subscribe to the course  email address
Subject:= Business Website Course PLUS OK, you have web pages You have found your Keywords, Meta tags, etc
Everything is explained  in the course So what is next? - - - Site optimization You will need the right solution to increase traffic, which means search engine optimization web site promotion
get your URL top ranking
links, tips and tricks here  Ö


FREE Dictionary, Thesaurus, Keyword listings, Keyword suggestions Overture search term suggestion tool Overture view bids tool All the major search engines  Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask jeeves AltaVista, Dogpile, Excite, Lycos Northernlight, Hotbot, Metacrawler Fast, Mamma, Infospace, Alexa Looksmart, Webfinder, Teoma search tools, website priority link popularity, the way back machine reviews, web statistics and loads of free software for you to Do-It-Yourself and Save Money Online Internet Marketing at it's best I'll show you that even a simple web site  that anyone can make Can Achieve Tremendous Results email me Subject:= Business Website Course PLUS


Alternatively, hunt this site simply, do it yourself after all that is our objective to help you help yourself do not get caught in the myriad of rubbish Discover The Rudiments To The Most Effective Search Engine Marketing Don't forget your Screensaver Free Download For More Free Downloads Go FREE STUFF Thank You Enjoy Your Tour Of This Site

Be sure to read Chapter 1 of: 'The Greatest Secret Ever Revealed'
Editorials coming soon:
 Chapter 2

'The Greatest Secret Ever Revealed'
(only by email)

'The Truth About Real Wealth' (Revealed)
The Most Amazing Teacher That Ever Lived
'Equilibrium of Effortlessness, The Secret Science'
'Love Life & Goodness' and 'The Garden of Freedom'

Discover for yourself the revelation of The Secret Science
Receive  free downloads and automated, solution directives
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